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BlackPink Comeback New Timeline 2020

On 1st of June 2020 YG Entertainment announced a Solo release plan for BlackPink members. 

The comeback date for BlackPink was expected in the first half of 2020 i.e. around March. However, due to the current situation YG had to postpone its plan. Earlier this week YG released a statement to comeback. Below is the translated Korean statement version;

About Black Pink Member Solo Songs

Good morning. This is YG Entertainment.

YG recently announced the comeback and regular album announcement of Black Pink in June and September.

As a result of monitoring the opinions of many domestic and foreign fans, I think you are curious about the members’ solo song announcements


YG released Jenny’s first solo song’SOLO’ for the first time among members in November 2018, and

since then, for over a year, he has been working hard to prepare for Rose’s solo song.

In the case of Rose, it was

a plan to announce the album form containing a lot of songs rather than a single song from the beginning .

Rose’s solo work has already been completed and

is scheduled to be released after the release of Blackpink’s first regular album in September.

First of

all, we agreed with the members about the fact that Black Pink’s complete comeback and the first regular album release are the most important.

In addition, Lisa’s wonderful solo song is also ready, and she is preparing

a solo song for Jisu.

The members’ solo songs will be released

sequentially after the release of Black Pink’s first regular album in September .

YG is grateful to

many fans at home and abroad who showed a lot of interest and affection to Black Pink .

In addition, we also humbly listen to the opinions of fans like us and always monitor them.

YG will spare no effort and support to make Blackpink grow into a better music and great artist.

That’s because it is the first and most important thing to repay the fans’ support.

Today is June 1st.

We look forward to your

support and encouragement to Black Pink members who are eager to prepare for the end of this month by sweating for comeback this month .

Thank you.

Here’s a quick timeline of expected comebacks

June:   Pre-release Songs

July – August: Second Single Song

September: BlackPink Full Album 

September: Rose Solo. Scheduled to announce after the release of the full album.

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