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Blackpink Lisa Outfit Ideas - How to Dress Like Lisa

Aside from being a member of BLACKPINK, Lisa is also known for her fashion sense. She has also been named as the global brand ambassador for two fashion labels. Whether she’s on camera or off-duty, Lisa knows how to pull off her best outfits. From casual to elevated, here are some of the outfits that Lisa usually wears.  1. Casual Comfy-chic Sweatshirts She likes to keep her look casual and wear comfy outfits like crewneck sweatshirts. We rounded up some of her favourite pieces to create a look that works for both occasions. Harajuku Kawaii Sweatshirt 2. Necklaces & Jewellery Lisa elevates her everyday look by wearing pendant necklaces and jewellery pieces like these. Silver Charm Necklace | Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, Rose - Blackpink   Silver Designer Necklace | Lisa - Blackpink   3. Blazers & Outerwear When it comes to keeping warm during the cooler months, the singer likes to layer up with a shearling jacket and cozy blazers.  V-neck Cardigan Knit Sweater and Denim Jeans | Lisa - Blackpink    Blackpink Lisa Same Black Suit Blazer   4. Belt Bags Whether it's a casual look or an off-duty occasion, Lisa uses her belt bags to keep her outfits organised. They're also great for storing all of your essential items. Waist Black Belt Bag | Lisa - Blackpink   5. Denim Pants These versatile denim jeans pants are great for any occasion. Lisa wears them with a wide range of tops and accessories. V Neck Tops & Black Pencil Pant | Lisa - Blackpink Denim Jeans | Lisa - Blackpink   If you would like to get hands on exclusive blackpink hoodies, t-shirts, accessories and all blackpink merch, BGStores is a way to go.