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To Match the Perfect Necklace with Your K-pop Inspired Clothes?

There are various ways to coordinate your jewellery with your K-pop inspired clothes. Depending on the type of necklace, it will contribute towards either casual or formal looks. 

Necklaces are one of the most important, if not essential, part of every girl's wardrobe. They make us look more polished and sophisticated while at the same time they can add an edgier vibe to our looks. As you know, it's pretty hard nowadays to find a k-pop star whose style isn't influenced by K-pop (Korean pop). And that is absolutely no exception when it comes to their choice of necklaces. Here are five ways how to match your favourite K-pop inspired clothes with the perfect necklace:

1. The 80s Bling Style

Girls in the 80s loved to pile up their gold chains to create a glittery bling-bling look. It seems that this trend has come back in style, and it is being embraced by K-pop stars as well. Many of them have been seen wearing chunky gold necklaces at one point or another. When trying this trend out, you can pair your favourite K-pop inspired clothes with a simple gold necklace for an everyday look, a diamond necklace can also be worn, or you can go all out and stack several chains together for a more edgy rocker vibe.

2. The Choker Trend

It feels like chokers are another trend that has come back in style. It was super popular during the 90s, but it seems like they made a huge comeback recently. They look great paired with almost any outfit, whether casual or dressy. Whether you choose to wear a single choker or several necklaces stacked together, this is a must-try trend because it will add an edgy vibe to your looks and make them stand out from the crowd!

3. The Minimalist Trend

It's no secret that the minimalist look is in these days. And when designing their-pop inspired clothes, many K-pop stars embrace this style to create simple, clean and minimalistic looks. This trend works great with almost any outfit, but if you want to get creative, don't hesitate to pair your favourite K-pop inspired clothes with a minimalist necklace. The Y necklace and the jewellery crescent are two necklaces that are perfect for the minimalist look.

4. The 90s/Retro Trend

We all know that retro fashion is in these days, so it should come as no surprise that many K-pop stars have embraced this trend when designing their outfits. And while retro fashion may not be for everyone, there's still something that you can get out of this trend. That is, if you want to try the 90s/retro style on for size, go ahead and pair your favourite K-pop inspired clothes with a simple geometric necklace like the Christina necklace or a boho-chic one like the mala bead necklace. 

5. The Beauty And The Beast Trend

If you're not quite familiar with this trend yet, it's the combination of two trends that are currently super hot in Korea right now - the beauty trend and the beast trend! It looks great when paired with outfits with contrasting styles, which is why it has become popular with K-pop stars. For example, if you wear an edgy outfit with dark colours, pair it with a delicate flower necklace for a more feminine look. On the other hand, if you are wearing a girly bohemian outfit, go ahead and pair it with a chunky statement necklace to masculine your looks up!

Wrapping Up!

These are just some examples of matching the perfect necklace with your favourite K-pop inspired clothes. There are so many different styles of chains out there that offer endless possibilities when it comes to finding the right combo! So do not hesitate to experiment until you find the perfect match.

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